• Homework will be assigned pertaining to each topic. Solving the problems in the homework is critical to learning the material and understanding the concepts presented in the course.
  • Homework late policy: Homework assignments are always due by the beginning of class on the due date. Assignments one day late subtract 10%; two days late loses 25%; three days late loses 50%. After 3 days the assignments will be considered a ZERO.
  • If you miss the class, it’s your responsibility to find out about any homework assignments made during your absence.
  • If you feel that a mistake is made in grading an assignment, you must present a written appeal to the TA and copy the instructor within 2 days after the assignment is returned to you. Your appeal should be specific. Grades will not be changed after the two-day period.
  • Keep each homework for helping you prepare for the exams
  • Submission Guidelines:
    • Label each homework with course # (ECE160), assignment #, instructor name (Dr. Xing), and your name.
    • Please organize all pages (in the right order) of your answers into one file, name your file using “hw#-your last name.pdf or doc” (e.g., hw1-xing.pdf) for submission
    • Please submit your homework files to Class M: drive (which can be directly accessed from any ECE lab computers):
      1. Under the folder “ECE-160”, access the folder named by your UMASSD email ID;
      2. Create a sub-folder named hw under your folder;
      3. Create a sub-folder for each homework under the folder “hw” (e.g.,hw1, hw2, …);
      4. Copy/move your homework files to the corresponding hw# sub-folder (e.g., copy your hw1 file to the folder “…/hw/hw1/”) to complete the homework submission.
  • If you need to access Class M: drive from outside ECE labs/classrooms, please follow Instructions of Accessing Class M: Drive Outside ECE Labs

It is important that you read the instructions above carefully before working on your first homework!!

  • Homework 1 (PDF) (Solution)  [Assigned on: Monday, January 23]   [Due: 9am, Monday, January 30]
  • Homework 2 (PDF) (Solution)  [Assigned on: Friday, February 3]   [Due: 9am, Friday, February 10]
  • Homework 3 (PDF) (Solution)   [Assigned on: Friday, February 24]   [Due: 9am, Friday, March 3]
  • Homework 4 (PDF) (Solution)   [Assigned on: Wednesday, March 15]   [Due: 9am, Wednesday, March 22]